About Us

Welcome to Classicafricana.

We specialize in designing, making and selling quality and unique African products. Our mix of African and western flavours of fashion brings both the worlds together through fashion. We have recognized the need in the online marketplace for competitive African fashion, Artwork and Homeware for people seeking culturally artistic, reliable and durable items

This is achieved through our expert design and handcraft team, who constantly work together to develop different unique designs for our customers and offering a variety of handwork to choose from in order to expand the range of products we offer

Our Mission

Our major mission is to help boost the living standards of many talented African Artisans by providing employment and education to the disadvantaged African child, while bringing to the world the rich diverse African Fashion, Cultural art and Ethnic craft.

Why US - When you buy from us:

  1. You help us boost the living standards of many talented African women and their families who in most cases survive on less than a dollar a day.
  1. You will also be partnering with us in managing and conserving our environment hence militating against climate change. This is because some of our products like maasai sandals, necklaces and bangles use recycled materials like old tyres and leather which would otherwise be waste, dumped in our environment.
  1. In addition, every purchase you make empowers mostly vulnerable women and their handwork skills. It enhances their diversification of economic activities making them less vulnerable to the impacts of climate change considering the unpredictable weather patterns affecting farming activities in most communities.

So kindly join us in empowering our people and embracing cultural art! Take a look around and enjoy the taste of Africa

Contact us with your requests or simply to share your view on this website here info@ultimatetouchstore.com

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