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Classicafricana specializes in designing, making and selling quality and unique African products. Some of our products design is a mix of the African and western flavors of fashion bringing both the Western and African world together through fashion. We have recognized the need in the online marketplace for competitive African fashion and art for people who want unique items that are culturally artistic, reliable and durable

We are an enthusiastic team who are passionate about handmade products, African culture and are committed to bringing our customers quality and unique items at affordable price. This is achieved through our expert design and handcraft team, who are constantly working together, searching and developing different and unique designs for our customers and offering a variety of handwork to choose from in order to expand the range of products we offer and to make your online shopping with us an extraordinary experience

Our products are purely handmade and that’s what makes us, our services and products unique too

Why US

1. We are specialist in fashionable hand made items and we believe that additional artistic style and sophistication in a customers shopping experience creates a memorable impression to be proud of. We are proud of the African culture and fashion and would like to share this with our customers world wide.

2. The Largest collection of African Fashion and Artwork

Our huge collections of unique handmade African items, are aimed to satisfy the most demanding tastes and offers you excellent value for your money. African Fashion and Culture is inspirational. We are popular for our bold colours, wildlife,  tribal prints, beautiful beading, bold patterns zigzag and irregular shapes. Each of our items reveals our stunning creativity and tells you about the beauty and love for Africa, the way we recognize it.

Take a look around and enjoy the taste of Africa with quality handmade items. Benefit from our secure payments and easy return and refund policies and enjoy carefree shopping from the comfort of your home.

Contact us with your requests or simply to share your view on this website here info@ultimatetouchstore.com

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